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Migration and Security in Northeast Asia: Political Aspects (Themed Issue)

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The subject of this study is processes of migration and how these relate to national, regional and international security: 1. A consideration of threats to the security of the Russian Far East in connection with external and internal migration. 2. Similar processes in the countries of the Northeast Asia region and their influence on the state of regional security as a whole. The purpose of the work is to analyze the above-mentioned phenomenon in Northeast Asia, as well as the impact of migration processes on regional security. Comparative and historical approaches are used in the research. These approaches made it possible to analyze the particularities of shaping the “agenda” of regional security in NEA and, in particular, in matters of migration. In addition, they facilitate an analysis of how national approaches to ensuring security in the region and threats in the field of migration (in parallel with them) have changed. While there is a sufficiently large number of studies on migration in general, there is currently no work in Russian political science that deals with the problems of migration in Northeast Asia in the context of regional and international security. Migration is a real, not a potential, security threat.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Migration   Northeast-Asia   China   Republic-of-Korea   Taiwan   Russian-Far-East   security  

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DOI 10.26650/JECS2019-0016

Submission : 1 Mar 2019

Early Viewed : 30 Ara 2019

Tam Metin (PDF)